From August 10 to 23, 2022, the Center for Applied Research, by the order of the Center for Cities Development, conducted a sociological survey of Kyiv residents regarding the situation in the capital of Ukraine.

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A total of 1017 people were interviewed using the face-to-face method. The sample of the study is non-repetitive, zoned, quota sex and age. The theoretical sampling error (with a probability of 0.95) does not exceed 3.1% without taking into account the design effect.

The main topics of the questionnaire were the problems that concern the residents of the capital, the assessment of the actions of the city authorities, safety and economic situation, as well as the psychological well-being of the citizens. The issues of the heating season, the process of learning at school, the quality of medical services and sources of information about the situation in the city were also touched upon.

The study revealed that Kyiv residents are most concerned about economic, infrastructure and environmental issues: high prices for food and services, high fuel prices, high tariffs, lack of bomb shelters near the house, insufficient number of parking spaces, poor environmental situation, poor water quality.

More than half of the respondents – 51% assess their psychological state as anxious, another 10% as severe, and 4% have already sought help. Most of all, the respondents are worried about their future, they characterize it as uncertain, they are afraid of shelling, alarms, etc. At the same time, the respondents find comfort primarily in their children, family, friends and faith in the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Indicative is the fact that 88% of respondents receive information from the Internet, while only 42% through TV. Before the war, these channels for obtaining information were equal, but now the Internet is twice as popular as television news among Kyivans.