On February 14, 2019, a round table “Security Passport of Ukraine – 2018: Results and Recommendations” was held at the National Institute for Strategic Studies.

The project is an initiative of the NGO “Centre for International Security” and the National Institute for Strategic Studies with the support of the NATO Information and Documentation Center in Ukraine.

Consulting company “Centre for Applied Research” has implemented the fieldwork stage including quantitative and qualitative sociological research (questionnaire and focus groups with experts). For quantitative study sampling quota includes gender and age groups, representative for population of the region in which the research was conducted; for qualitative – target sample (representatives of law enforcement agencies, civil service, education, civil society). In total, 1280 questionnaires were processed.

The project was implemented in six regions of Ukraine: Odesa (May 24-25), Rivne (June 14-15), Chernihiv (July 19-20), Kropyvnytskyi (August 16-17), Luhansk (September 13-14), Zaporizhia (October 11-12).

The regional security passports of Ukraine are based on the Global Peace Index (GPI), revised and adapted by experts of the Centre for International Security and the Centre for Applied Sciences. As a result, a qualitatively new formula for assessing the security situation in certain territories was created, based upon 12 quantitative and 34 qualitative indices, which provided an objective view on the situation.

The research materials, methodology and recommendations can be found at the following links:

Security Passport of Ukraine 2018: Results and Recommendations

Паспорт безпеки України 2018: підсумки та рекомендації

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