Deloitte, Social Progress Imperative and Play Verto, for which the “Center for Applied Research” helped to survey Ukrainian refugees in Poland, conducted research among 1,206 Ukrainian refugees living in Poland. The purpose of this survey was to find out the current situation in which Ukrainian refugees find themselves, as well as to identify their most important needs and difficulties that they have to face on a daily basis.

48% of respondents plan to return to Ukraine as soon as circumstances permit. 8% are already making relevant plans. 22% want to stay in Poland.

28% are looking for a job, but haven’t found anything yet. 19% found a worse job than they had in Ukraine. 17% want to work, but cannot because of the lack of childcare opportunities. 19% of respondents have already found a job in their field, and 9% of respondents reported that they are still studying.

8% are in refugee centers. 19% live in housing that someone else pays for. 62% live in housing that they pay for themselves.

Survey participants were asked to finish the sentence “At night I dream of …”. The set of answers is shown in the word cloud image.